2 North Front Street, Belize City, Belize


22 Aug: The Brotherhood of the Traveling Corona

The seemingly harmless case of Corona (beer), has unfortunately led to the far more dangerous case of Corona (virus), traveling on a well-worn path from Orange Walk to San Pedro on the backs of migrant workers; and now; angling its way back through the mainland with a fury we never imagined.  This crisis  has brought to the forefront the urgent need for a new modern National Migration Policy that will promote national development, fair business practices, and a balance between immigration, social welfare and protection for all Belizean Citizens.

23 Jan: Nature Strikes Back

Mary France, arrested and charged for murder, was sentenced to an eternity in this calm shallow bay, left to die and to be consumed by the very nature that she once defiled.


13 Apr: Glory in The Age of Isolation

In this Age of Isolation, it means that in our own nation of Belize, we must reinvent ourselves. It means that Government, political parties, the private sector, and civil society must put aside petty squabbles and join hands in crafting a new nation that can operate and thrive self-sufficiently inside our proverbial national isolation ward.

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