2017 February


26 Feb: The Tribes Are Restless, Opinionated, And Armed With Media

This problem, however goes far beyond just the protection of human rights, and goes to the heart of our society’s tailspin into the chasm of hate, divisiveness and mean-spirited, now using easily accessible and sharable media as a tool of harm against our fellow man, women, child, often in the name of political agitation, religion, or a warped sense of personal satisfaction.


14 Feb: Bridges not Walls, a Love Story.

The asymmetry of our interaction is one of the root causes of the stark difference in development between Belize and Chetumal; Belizeans buy higher-priced taxed goods and services in a welcoming mainstream municipal economy, while Mexicans buy low cost and untaxed goods and services in an ad hoc zone, isolated from our mainstream economy.